Ady an and vanness wu dating 2016

On July 15, Nathan posted a long explanation on his Tencent Weibo, claiming that their breakup was due to differences in personalities and did not concern anyone else.

Because Nathan’s Chinese skills are limited, he had no choice but to write the Weibo post in English.

Ady An debuted in 2000, filming the drama Mala Xianshi.

She rose to fame in 2004 after starring in the youth idol drama The Outsiders opposite Dylan Kuo, after which she chose to develop her acting career in mainland China.

Although I have this huge hope in my heart that he will repost Ady’s Weibo and flirt back like they used to hihi Beware of some desperate fangirl’s very minor editing skills which may be limited to merely covering the director’s face with an emoji sticker… I remember shipping Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds when I learned that they were going to be in a movie and I didn’t care that Ryan was married then… Well, Ryan ended it with Scarlett and married Blake which means that it could also happen to Van Ness & Ady yaaay (I’m such an annoying fangirl…

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“Throughout the two years, I realized that we had too many differences in personality, life style, and perspective toward other matters,” Nathan wrote.

“And it is because of these reasons, the relationship was not working out. Not because as was reported in the news saying, “I was CHEATING!